Breadboard is Great and All, But it’s not going to survive a six week run with actors tripping over it and that kid’s show that runs on Sunday mornings.  So here’s a shield that can fit onto your Arduino and securely hold all your connections in place.  It is tested and working with the dmx reception software I wrote for the Arduino.


  • Same hardware be used to receive or send DMX, so you only have to build one shield.
  • Onboard termination switch.
  • Reset switch brought to top of shield for easy access.
  • Pin 13 LED brought to shield for status/error messages.
  • Two tact switches allow in-the-field addressing, without permanently disabling any pins.
  • Header sockets for easy prototyping.
  • Solder through-holes for permanent installations.

Note: I changed the pin assignments slightly from early versions of the software to allow easier routing.  Pins 3 and 4 in the software are now pins 2 and 3, respectively.  As of Rev11 this change has been made, get the latest version here.

Continue reading for the parts and instructions…

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