Lookee Lookee What I Did Today: So my sister is currently pursuing a PHD in music (theory) at the University of Chicago, and for her birthday, I thought I’d make her a sort-of theremin instrument.  Her birthday was three months ago, but whatever, right?  Today, I started playing around with how that would work using an Arduino.  In lieu of 1,000 words, here’s a YouTube video showing the setup (and also saying um a lot.  Web 3.0!):

And demonstrating the operation:

Right now I’m investigating capacitance for the input, but I may go for the authentic heterodyne sensing, if I can get it done in time (I’m visiting her in three weeks).

I based the sensor code off Paul Badger’s example here.  He documents it pretty well, and this is just a starting point anyway, so I’m not going to put up a schematic or example code right now.

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